Braids Miniskirt

FULL SCREEN: Braids read the packaging carefully; Fucked Up fall down the rabbit hole

PLUS: Stars mull over the future of the band.

- Jun 4, 2015
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the day. Today, Fucked Up get lost in the everyday, Braids offer a close reading on cut flowers, and Stars wonder if Stars can continue on forever.

Braids, "Miniskirt"

Braids - "Miniskirt" (Official Music Video)

When imagining a video to accompany a song as powerful as "Miniskirt," simplicity can nuance when storying might convolute. Director Kevan Funk settles on a handful of strong images, vignettes, forwarding an essay alongside Raphaelle Standell-Preston's own about how we (and, here, I mean men) sometimes feel entitled to what and who we find attractive. Funk couches the idea in the language of commodification: we (again, mostly men) view packaging — a miniskirt maybe — as communicating what's ours to consume. And there's tremendous violence in that error.

Braids' Deep in the Iris is out now through Arbutus and Flemish Eye.

Fucked Up, "Year of the Hare"

View the interactive video here.

Fucked Up and director Trevor Blumas (of DOOMSQUAD, who've become a part of the extended live band) chopped and spread their 21-minute epic, the latest from their Zodiac series, across 25 video loops that knot and recur. Viewers must navigate its labyrinthine structure with their keyboard. The clips follow a buttoned-down cubicle-type sleepwalking through settings both surreal and utterly everyday. He's haunted by rabbits and eggs. The ticking clock is ever present. I've spent a solid 15 minutes clicking around and I'm not sure he ever escapes. How Sisyphean. Welp, time to go to the office.

Fucked Up's Year of the Hare 12" is out June 16 on Deathwish Inc.

Stars, "No One Is Lost"

Stars - No One Is Lost (Official Video)

The video for "No One Is Lost," the title track from Stars' eighth album, plays like a lost short by Richard Linklater. We catch the band in pairs — Torq and Amy, Pat and Evan — deep in quasi-philosophical discussion about the future of Stars itself. A great question: what's the shelf life of an indie band? The clip finds Torq caught between ruminating in an existential direction and literally dancing on the front edge of the present, revelling in the charmed life (the people he's met, the places he's seen) that the band's hard work has afforded him.

Stars' No One Is Lost is out now on ATO Records.

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