The New Pornographers Champions of Red Wine 2015

FULL SCREEN: The Weeknd runs away, The New Pornographers just stumble

PLUS: Owen Pallett offers an abstract portrait of love, intimacy and sexuality.

- May 28, 2015
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the day. Today, The New Pornos do Stranger in a Strange Land, Owen Pallett looks at the blurry lines around love, and The Weeknd walks away from a car crash.

The New Pornographers, "Champions of Red Wine"

The New Pornographers - Champions of Red Wine

The LeBlanc+Cudmore-directed clip for The New Pornographers' "Champions of Red Wine" follows some anonymous boozed-up louse as he gets tossed from peep show to bar to gutter in what might be a land foreign to him (looks like Cuba). He says that he's a "prehistoric man," he's been here for a million years. The people around him communicate in a system of symbols he just can't penetrate. He is an alien — and he's a long way from home.

The New Pornographers' Brill Bruisers is out now through Last Gang and Matador.

The Weeknd, "The Hills"

The Weeknd - The Hills

Even a car crash won't shake The Weeknd from his fugue. He flips his sedan. The two female passengers, disturbed but okay, chase after him. The car explodes. Still Abel Tesfaye plods forward, cold-blooded, through the backstreets of the Hollywood Hills, into a mansion, up the stairs. His mind is trained elsewhere, captive by some charm more alluring than the women or the cars, made reckless by some prize more seductive than life itself.

Owen Pallett, "The Passions"

Owen Pallett - The Passions (Official Video)

In "The Passions" video, director Brian Vu offers an abstract portrait of love, intimacy and sexuality to compliment Owen Pallett's own tender, sweetened exploration of the same. Pallett says that he wrote "The Passions" when his "definitions of 'love' were being redefined." For queer people, he says, lovers are also family in a sense — "our brothers and sisters as well as our sexual partners." The song and the video examine that blurry distinction, portraying all of the ways you might love or be loved.

Owen Pallett's In Conflict is out now through Secret City and Domino.

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