Dude, That's Insane Chris Reimer

Animated tribute to Women’s Chris Reimer will debut at Calgary’s Sled Island festival

Dude, That's Insane features the work of 17 animators and a compilation of unreleased recordings by Reimer.

- May 28, 2015

Chris Reimer, best known as a member of Women, was influential to a generation of musicians on either side of the border. He was renowned as a bright talent and a supportive collaborator, the kind of guy who elicited the best work from those around him. When he quietly joined San Francisco's The Dodos as a touring member in 2011, a year before his death, he forever changed their sound. It's an influence they acknowledge. Beyond his tremendous output as a musician, he was a prolific artist, too.

The Quickdraw Animation Society from Calgary, Reimer's hometown, has completed a six-minute animated tribute to the late musician, titled Dude, That's Insane, which will premiere at the Sled Island Music and Arts Festival in June. Seventeen animators were handed a drawing by Reimer and assigned to breathe life into his vision. These include friends and local artists like Chad VanGaalen (who recorded with Reimer often, and is a fantastic animator), Kiarra Albina, and Brandon Blommaert.

Morgan Greenwood of Baths and Azeda Booth (of which Reimer was a member) has compiled the soundtrack from Reimer's own unreleased ambient recordings.

The film will screen in Calgary's Commonwealth on Monday, June 22 at 6:30pm.

Below, listen to Chris Reimer's posthumous release recorded with Chad VanGaalen, The Chad Tape:


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