Ryn Weaver OctaHate

FULL SCREEN: Ryn Weaver gets a second shot at “OctaHate,” Digits crosses alien tundra

PLUS: Hudson Mohawke on breakups and knife fights.

- May 14, 2015
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours. Today, Hudson Mohawke envisions a futuristic breakup/ knife fight, while Ryn Weaver just fights with her food, and Digits finds alien life in the arctic.

Ryn Weaver, "OctaHate"


The internet is a place where magic is created, then deleted with the click of a button. Sometimes, when there’s so much hype around a new artist, there’s people at the top who make quick decisions, and the artist has to roll with the punches. For Ryn, this was the case of the first "OctaHate" video. “I hated my first Octahate video,” she tweeted.

So here we are, almost one year later and it turns out Ryn just wanted to have a straight up gluttonous food fight with her best friend in an empty mansion, which is the kind of food fight elementary school kids (and I) dream of. It’s celebratory, absurd, and an all around pleasant time. Isn’t it great when people get what they want? (Mom, I’m still hoping you’re bringing home that special chocolate from Scotland I requested!) - Ryan Parker

Ryn Weaver's The Fool will be released on June 16th through Universal Music Canada.

Digits, "Safe"


Remember John Carpenter's The Thing? The arctic is frightening because it's inhospitable — or, at least, it's supposed to be. For "Safe," Toronto electronic producer Digits and director Bryan Sutherland (a.k.a. Zoo Owl) imagine a traveller crossing the tundra, who comes across some furry extraterrestrial life form. It appears to be breathing. He takes a piece with him. Cut to: our explorer is traipsing through a forest, led by the light from his flare; he's now surrounded by the things. The original specimen, the one we found lying in the snow, produces an egg or a pod — new alien life. It's chilly and mysterious and not entirely human, much like the Digits track. - Chris Hampton

Digits' Get Through is out May 26, available through Bandcamp.

Hudson Mohawke ft. Irfane, "Very First Breath"

Hudson Mohawke - Very First Breath (Official Video) ft. Irfane

The Sam De Jong-directed "Very First Breath" clip is a great visualization of the HudMo universe: cosmopolitan, neon, and relishing in a complicated sort of futurism (one that playfully incorporates relics; say, soul samples or, in this video, switch blades and street racers). Here, the end of a relationship — an abusive one, quite possibly — is resolved by Warriors-style gang fight. 1950 is 1980 is 2050. Justice is universal. - Chris Hampton

Hudson Mohawke's Lantern is out June 16 via Warp.

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