METZ The Swimmer

FULL SCREEN: METZ go GIFing crazy; Etiquette stare off into cyber space

And Toronto synth-pop duo Prince Innocence do nothing, because who cares anymore?

- May 4, 2015
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the day. Today, an all Canadian edition: METZ tell a cautionary tale about baptism, Etiquette gaze into virtual space, and Prince Innocence show us the new face of apathy.

METZ, "The Swimmer"


The jerky LeBlanc + Cudmore video for METZ's "The Swimmer" stitches together small loops to disorienting effect, telling the story of a man who gets baptized, abducted, and beaten up. In maybe that order? It seems goons and street toughs are attracted to the scent of holy water. Noted.

METZ's II is out today on Sub Pop. Read our review of their album release show this past weekend at CMW.

Etiquette, "Twinkling Stars"

Etiquette - Twinkling Stars

For Etiquette's cover of Nine Circles' "Twinkling Stars," director Luke McCutcheon gazes into the night sky and trips through virtual space — without ever leaving the same mark in some blank cube of a room. What are Etiquette trying to tell us? Is all of life a simulation? Are we all just bits in God's computer? I think it's time for a coffee break.

Etiquette's Reminisce is out now through Hand Drawn Dracula.

Prince Innocence, "I Don't Care"


The Toronto synth-pop duo Prince Innocence issue this washed out, vaporwave-indebted clip for their lounge anthem to apathy. The Chris Levett-directed video functions two ways. First, as sharp parody. And if, by chance, it's an earnest portrait of some sad reality, it's a document of irony made so fashionable and vapid and meaningless that its turned itself inside out. Either way.

Prince Innocence's "I Don't Care" is available for download on their Bandcamp.

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