Tanya Tagaq - Uja - Music Video

FULL SCREEN: Tanya Tagaq surveys life on earth, Jamie xx goes global

PLUS: Ben Khan gives us a glimpse into his warped-pop mind.

- Apr 27, 2015
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours. Today, Tanya Tagaq gives us blood and buildings, Jamie xx goes global, Ben Khan gets deranged.

Tanya Tagaq, "Uja"

Tanya Tagaq - Uja

Tanya Tagaq's epoch-defining performance of "Uja" and "Umingmak" at the Polaris Prize was so transcendent it made us bend the rules and put it on our Best Music Videos of 2014 list. Now she has an actual music video for the song, courtesy of Manitoba's Procter Bros. Like Tagaq's music, the video is intense and epic, juxtaposing images of rapid, whizzing neon lighted cityscapes filled with blood money and stark, red-stained, snow-covered wilderness filled with wolves, bears and bloodthirsty birds. It's an unsettling meditation on civilization and nature and it's almost as indescribable as her live show. Almost. - Richard Trapunski

Tanya Tagaq's Animism is out now via Six Shooter Records.

Jamie xx, "Gosh"

Jamie xx - Gosh (Official Music Video)

Jamie xx's new video "Gosh" is literally out of this world. Directed by Swedish digital artist Erik Wernquist, the video depicts real high-resolution landscapes of Mars and Earth from the perspective of an auteurist satellite courtesy to NASA and other sources. "Gosh" is very extraterrestrial, matching Jamie xx's futuristic minimalist PC sounds, that slowly build as the video begins to zoom in and shape a narrative that imagines life in space. - Ebyan Abdigir

Jamie XX's fourth album In Colour will be released June 1 via Young Turks

Ben Khan, "1000"

The latest video from the warped-pop mind of Ben Khan is deranged and uncomfortable, yet satisfying to the eye. Khan sits down at a typewriter, either working on a film school screenplay that he hopes will let him break free from the shackles of an institution, or writing out his own dark fantasy world. Taking place somewhere in between Kubrick's The Shining and the mind of David Lynch, "1000" features stone statues bleeding out and Rorschach tests that seemingly guide the video's psychological roller coaster. It could mean a million things, but it's highly recommended you dream up your own interpretation. I've been doing that for hours now. - Ryan Parker

Ben Khan's 1000 EP will be released May 11th on Blessed Vice.

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