FULL SCREEN: ANAMAI stage a literal two-hander; The Dodos can teach you lasting happiness

PLUS: Old and Weird trip through a water slide and Wrong Hole imagine a world where Nirvana were dogs.

- Apr 23, 2015
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours. Today, Toronto duo ANAMAI meditate on hands, The Dodos promise happiness today, Old and Weird go waterslidin', and Wrong Hole drop off a pretty imaginative lyric video.

ANAMAI, "Half"


"They call 'em fingers, but I've never seen them fing." For "Half," atmospheric two-piece ANAMAI kill time literally staring at their hands. The meditation is so focused that, at some point, you stop regarding the contorting mitts as fleshy meat hooks, and see that they're the performers here — the dancers, the actors — gracefully posing, emoting, telling a story just beyond our, erm, grasp. - Chris Hampton

ANAMAI's Sallows is out now on Buzz Records.

The Dodos, "Goodbyes and Endings"

The Dodos - Goodbyes and Endings [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

We all know what a rut looks like: you awake groggy, washed up on shore covered in seaweed, steal a motorcycle, and drive it to the corner store to brown bag it with another waste case chum. Call it a Tuesday. You want things to change, but you don't know how...until (and that's where The Dodos' Charlie Villyard-directed video comes in) a man hands you a pamphlet promising lasting bliss in the here and now. You join a cult and lose 30 pounds. Your hair grows thicker. Your pores tighten. You become a happy, productive member of society. Yep, we're all waiting for our man. - Chris Hampton

The Dodos' Individ is out now through Polyvinyl & Dine Alone.

Old and Weird, "This Lack Anyway"

Old and Weird - This Lack Anyway (real video)

The concept for the new video from Halifax janglers Old and Weird is simple... so simple that the YouTube description comes with a parenthetical confirmation, "(real video)". A girl climbs the interminable set of stairs, past a set of rules ("No Horseplay"), and then jumps into a water slide and rides to the bottom. But, like the band's 1 and a half minute pop nugget, Andrew Neville's video adds the slightest bit of off-kilter surreality to the mix, turning her winding journey to the pool below an ever-so-brief neon purple psych trip. - Richard Trapunski

Old and Weird's What I Saw is for sale on Bandcamp. Hannah Guinan made some picks for our best of 2014.

Wrong Hole, "Dogs"

DOGS, by Wrong Hole

Wrong Hole have elevated the lyric video to an art form, and their latest is no exception. True to the song's name, the Toronto drum-machine-punks' montage imagines a Planet Of The Apes-like alternate reality where Nirvana were dogs, Rumours is about pet breakups, and puppy pics can illustrate any brilliantly stupid line in a punk tune. Second only to this. - Richard Trapunski

Wrong Hole's debut album 2012 is out now on Pleasence Records.

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