I Smell Blood Taxidermized Bear Claw

PREMIERE: Bet you can’t watch I Smell Blood’s whole “Taxidermized Bear Claw” video

The London, ON two-piece show us why you should never ever chew with your mouth open.

- Apr 21, 2015

The mouth is a powerful structure. By a combination of differently shaped teeth it can rip and tear and grind food/flesh into digestible little chunks. Terrifying, really. So much so, that it's kind of a common phobia. The fear of teeth, often animal teeth, is called odontophobia.

I Smell Blood - Taxidermized Bear Claw

London, Ontario noise duo I Smell Blood take that action in close-up. "Taxidermized Bear Claw" is an icky, but hypnotic clip to pair with an equally scuzzy, equally entrancing morsel of two-part math rock. Behold this awesome set of chompers as it disposes of condiments and spaghetti and paint and charcoal and a toy car with ease. It's fucking grosss — that's the point. Anybody got a wet-nap?

I Smell Blood's Manface is out now via Out Of Sound Records. Check their Ontario tour dates below.

Wed Apr 22 - Guelph @ House Show*
Thur Apr 23 - Toronto @ Johnny Jackson*
Friday Apr 24 - Brantford @ Station Coffee House*

* w/ WHOOP-Szo

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