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What’s going on with Crystal Castles?

Ethan Kath and Alice Glass are talking in circles around each other and it's complicating our understanding of Crystal Castles.

- Apr 16, 2015

In the age of Broken Social Scene and collectives and shows that looked like drum circles clothed in xtra small Pixies merch, Crystal Castles screamed 8-bit noise at the pervasive conception of Canadian indie music. Sure, they could be kind of obnoxious, but they certainly weren't nice. They didn't fit the Pitchfork-penned story of what was happening up here.

But the latest chapter of the Crystal Castles saga is the tabloidy music blog feud of two buttoned-up Torontonians who just happen to be wearing black hoodies and red vinyl future suits. They avoid eye contact on the subway, they apologize when they bump into a tree, and their beef is passive aggressive as all fuck.

Last October, lead singer Alice Glass abruptly announced to Facebook that she was quitting the group to refocus her art towards "sincerity, honesty, and empathy for others," a project she claimed, with wilting black mascara'd side-eye, she "longer feels... is possible within CC." She also said it would be "the end of the band" and quickly gave a new-epoch style interview for Vice's fashion vertical i-D that outlined her plans solo music that sounds "like a kitten eating their hoarding owners after they die." So long Crystal Castles.

Or not. Today, out of nowhere, the other half of Crystal Castles, Ethan Kath, revved the band's SoundCloud account back up with a new track in the classic CC mould:

But "Frail" does not feature Alice Glass. And furthermore, Kath wrote in a statement that he later deleted (a move straight out of the passive aggressive playbook) that "his former vocalist" doesn't even sing on the band's best known songs anyway. And then he went ahead and listed them out:

i wish my former vocalist the best of luck in her future endeavors. i think it can be empowering for her to be in charge of her own project. it should be rewarding for her considering she didn't appear on Crystal Castles' best known songs. (she's not on Untrust Us. Not In Love, Vanished, Crimewave, Vietnam, Magic Spells, Knights, Air War, Leni, Lovers Who Uncover, Violent Youth, Reckless, Year of Silence, Intimate, 1991, Good Time, Violent Dreams etc.). people often gave her credit for my lyrics and that was fine, i didn't care.

It sure sounds like he doesn't care, doesn't it?


Alice Glass has responded on Twitter and refuted Kath's claims. So far, neither member has used the other one's name:

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