FULL SCREEN: Tyler, The Creator gets older, Falana finds truth in simplicity

PLUS: Will Butler dances his way to end days.

- Apr 9, 2015
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours. Today, Tyler, The Creator gets colourful, Toronto soulstress Falana gets intimate, Will Butler dances to the apocalypse.

Tyler, The Creator, "Fucking Young"

Tyler, The Creator - Fucking Young

When I first heard there was a new Tyler, The Creator album (at this point it'd be surprising if it wasn't a surprise release), my first thought was "how far will his teenage brat shtick carry him into his twenties?" And, hey, his new video for "Fucking Young," (that also includes snippets of "Future" and the Neptunes-worshipping "Deathcamp") kind of addresses it.

The self-directed clip is very Tyler, full of bright colours and live action cartoon antics (googly eyes, misdemeanor-level explosives, go karts, etc), but dramatizes what could be a real scenario for a maturing young shit-disturber: a six-years-apart love affair. Not as creepy when you're in your later twenties, but not so perfect now. Of course, Tyler, who raps that his "dick is longer than [his] attention span" lets his video take a few sharp turns over the course of its 6 and a half minutes. - Richard Trapunski

Tyler The Creator's Cherry Bomb is out 4/13 via Odd Future. Pre-order it here.

Falana, "To Bernard"

Sometimes simplicity is all you really need to set the truth free. Toronto-based soul-singer and multi-instrumentalist, Falana’s, "To Bernard," is a video letter that hints at a spark fused too soon. Shot by Sean Van Wert, and recorded in Havana, Cuba in 2013, "To Bernard" is a straight-up four-minute continuous shot of Falana's angelic face. Falana's raw honesty is so enticing in this minimalist ode (the follow-up to her first single "Start Again"), it may trigger memories of your own longstanding love affliction. The video nods to a Sinead O’Connor 1990 hit. You know the one. 

“The emotion was very real!” Falana tells Chart Attack. Lucky, lucky Bernard. Infusing her swoony falsettos over Cuban and afrobeat inspired sounds, the Toronto soulstress imbues a refreshing twist in a genre that she calls "soul fusion." - Ebyan Abdigir

Falana’s debut EP Things Fall Together EP is out now; buy it at her website.

Will Butler, "Something's Coming"

The new disco-rock music video from Arcade Fire offshoot Will Butler, directed by Winnipeg-to-New York transplant Marcel Dzama, plays like a behind-the-scenes from the sort of moody, expressionistic Dzama vid you'd usually find in an art gallery — chess pieces, ritualistic stabbings, dance numbers, but each with its hair let down an order or two. For all of the blood and sharp implements, everyone seems to be having a pretty okay time, even if something (likely, very bad, judging by Butler's vaguely satanic tattoo) is coming. We'll dance our way into the End Days, I suppose. - Chris Hampton

Will Butler's Policy is out now on Merge.

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