JOOJ Shoulders and Whispers

FULL SCREEN: Sook Yin Lee’s JOOJ steps out from the shadows, sorta

PLUS a pair of off-the-wall animated clips from Todd Terje and Lightning Bolt.

- Apr 8, 2015
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours. Today, a former MuchMusic VJ unveils a dark vision, Todd Terje goes psychedelic, and Lightning Bolt take us on a ridealong through the valleys of hell.

JOOJ, "Shoulders and Whispers"

JOOJ is the collaborative work of Sook-Yin Lee and Adam Litovitz. The pair along with director Brandon Cronenberg, crafted "Shoulders and Whispers" after their mutual fondnesses for film noir, German Expressionism, and classic horror movies. Shadows play large on screen and in the track, as if there are untold volumes only hinted at by Lee's haunted voice — lurking bodies, feelings always on the peripheries, just out of view.

JOOJ's self-titled debut is out May 26 on Last Gang Records. Also, check out these great "Shoulders and Whispers" remixes from Slim Tiwg and Digits.

Todd Terje, "Alfonso Muskedunder"

TODD TERJE - Alfonso Muskedunder (official video)

Norwegian nu-disco producer Todd Terje tapped director Espen Friberg and cartoonist Bendik Kaltenborn (cover artist for Terje's It's Album Time) to envision a story as poppy- and eclectic-looking as his "Alfonso Muskedunder" sounds. The psychedelia on display — for your eyes and your ears — reminds me of those Sesame Street-Pointer Sisters and Al Jarnow videos that helped weird a whole generation early on.

Todd Terje's It's Album Time is out now via Olsen Records.

Lightning Bolt, "The Metal East"

Lightning Bolt - The Metal East (Official Music Video)

For the hyperactive album opener, Lightning Bolt and artist Lale Westvind welcome us to a neon hellscape prowled over by a gang of gnarly shapeshifting beasts. Then, suddenly, we're staring at jet fighters, piloted also by gnarly shapeshifting beasts (obvz) bombing through tie-dye sky (double obvz). Cut back to the hellscape, and now, along with the usual motley crew, there's a herd of stampeding dinosaurs and hot rods. It's precisely the kind of thing I'd doodle in my high school notebooks at nearly the time I started listening to Lightning Bolt — which coincidentally, is also roughly the same time that I started smoking weed.

Lightning Bolt's Fantasy Empire is out now on Thrill Jockey. It's a Chart Attack Staff Pick.

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