Scattered Clouds Enchanteresse

PREMIERE: Scattered Clouds’ creepy found footage curio, “Enchanteresse”

The Hull, Quebec-based brooders know that sometimes the mirror and the whipping post are one and the same.

- Apr 1, 2015

Hull, Quebec's Scattered Clouds hawk a brand of post-rock that's cinematic and sinister and primed with explosive tension — like the Velvets doing Ennio Marricone; more minimal and, somehow, terrifying than Godspeed!. Utterly transfixing.

Scattered Clouds - Enchanteresse (Official Video)

For "Enchanteresse," they called on found footage artist and HILOTRONS frontman Mike Dubue to add visual dimension to the anxious, icy sound world they'd rendered.

"I dig deep in the Library & Archives for pieces in the public domain." Dubue tells Chart Attack. "I never premeditate my ideas or work with a story board. I watch a ton of films and then pick what works best. In this case, 16mm educational videos worked best for colours and textures with the music, especially with the deterioration of the celluloid of the four films I cut from."

"The song and video both tell a story of self-abasement," he adds, "isolated by the relentless pursuit of unattainable love." Indeed, a mirror can be the scariest picture of all — especially when we see only our deficiencies staring back at us.

Scattered Clouds' debut full-length, The First Empire, is out April 21 on E-Tron Records.

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