Blunt Chunks

PREMIERE: “Woman” is Blunt Chunks’ Super 8 ode to femininity

Toronto singer/looper/woman-around-town Caitlin Woelfle-O'Brien sets out on her own in this beautiful new music video.

- Jan 15, 2015
Photo by: Shelby Fenlon

Blunt Chunks is Caitlin Woelfle-O'Brien, a singer/dancer/producer/DIY-filmmaker/woman-about-town. If you've seen her (and if you spend any time out at shows or art parties in Toronto, you probably have), chances are it's as a supporting player in other peoples' projects. She DJs for bizZarh, collaborates with Manticore and Lido Pimienta, and that's her stealing the show in Petra Glynt's amazing "Sour Paradise" video. She's kept Blunt Chunks mostly on the down-low, but she's ready to take the spotlight with "Woman."

And damn, what an introduction. Recorded and mixed by her cousin Ben Cook (of Young Guv, Fucked Up, etc.) Woelfle-O'Brien's looped vocals and samples ebb and flow, liquid and serene. And, quite intentionally, she tells Chart Attack, feminine.

"I wrote ["Woman"] in the spring of 2013 basically about the pitfalls of romance as a young confused woman, as well as the anxieties I’ve had living in a city with endless possibilities, so many choices, little guidance, depressing surroundings."

Woelfle-O'Brien shot the video a year later after learning to shoot Super 8 while doing a residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island. She shot the black and white cityscapes and domestic scenes without knowing what it would be for, but soon realized it was perfect for "Woman." Like many parts of her process, she relied on serendipity, and it took her where she always wanted to go.

"It was kinda dark and city-grimey but also calm and beautiful and emotional. The fountain at the beginning is symbolic because water and the feminine are intrinsically linked. And the flow of the video just happened to match with the beats and words of the song really well."

I work a lot with the phenomenon of synchronicity. So when things just “work together”, I want to explore that. I love the interaction between sound and the moving image. It’s like, dreams coming true, and it’s so natural. It’s what’s going on in my head when I’m making sounds. I think sounds are very visual."

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