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FULL SCREEN: Total Control stalks, Les Sins parties

PLUS: MAIA's mines old space animation and Clark creates some new ones.

- Nov 17, 2014
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours.

Total Control, "Flesh War"

Total Control - Flesh War [Official Video]

Your headphones are working fine. There's just no sound for the beginnings of this clip directed by Powers of Ten, a stalky affair that gives the Melbourne post-punk band a new menace. It's nothing more than a steady shot through a rainy night drive, but has a predatory gaze that rings of next door neighbour slasher flicks like Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer.

Total Control's new album Typical System is out now via Iron Lung Records. Watch Chris Locke's glowing Hot Dlog review here.

Clark, "Winter Linn"

Clark's new self-titled has spent more time in my headphones than a certain Warp labelmate's comeback album. You don't need to be familiar with the producer's catalogue, because jams like "Winter Linn" are totally new territory for him. The visuals are a bit of a throwback, though, like the spinning contents of museum display case rendered in 3D. But add the footage of exploding humanoid mist plus 2001's Space Baby, and you have enough to keep it worthy of the gallery.

Clark's new self-titled album is out now via Warp.

Les Sins feat. Nate Salman, "Why"

Les Sins "Why feat. Nate Salman"

Chaz Bundick, the man behind the house-grounded Toro Y Moi side project Les Sins, is challenging his "Why" guest Nate Salman to an interdimensional dance-off. Chaz handles the plane of blocky, glitched-out characters (though we do get a peek behind the curtain at the real Chaz's process) and Nate traverses the streets, signing and splashes with colour.

Les Sins's new album Michael is out now via Carpark.

MAIA, "Quartz"

Posting a space thing last week got us crazy traffic, so it's now company policy to post everything music-related that has so much as a star in it. Luckily, Ramona Gonzalez (Nite Jewel)'s new synth-age project MAIA has a new video collection classic post-Earth animation, and it's lovely. You can practically hear the comets.

MAIA's new album 29 is out now via Sacred Phrases.

Ben Frost, "Nolan" (Regis Self Medicating Edit Remix)

Ben Frost :: 'Nolan' :: Regis Self Medicating Edit

Ben Frost's punishing techno opus A U R O R A will get a remix EP next month, with tracks from artists like Evian Christ and Dutch E Germ. Considering how picky this guy is about music, chances are each track will say something new. The "Regis Self Medicating Remix" of "Nolan" certainly does; this new version is made even more visceral by hissing electronics viable to send your teeth grinding down to the nerves. Trevor Tweeten matches with his dizzying and vibrant visual treatment, seen through a pair of eyes focusing on separate images. Through one amphetamine-stimulated retina, you're seeing hyperactive club lights. In the other, a Formula 1 race through an underground tunnel.

Ben Frost's new EP V A R I A N T is out December 9 via Mute/Bedroom Community. Pre-order it here.

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