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Nanaimo jangle-punk secret Everything Is Geometry surface online in new compilation

Serialized Decay brings the duo's 2009 to 2012 output onto the internet as an "omnibus."

- Nov 13, 2014

Everything Is Geometry take their name from the beloved '90s Vancouver band Cub, and like that group (which briefly featured Neko Case on drums), Serialized Decay - a thirty track collection recorded around the shores of Nanaimo, B.C. by Kristjanne V. and Ken Mcleod - has the presence of a well-kept secret.

The thirty track selection spans between 2009 and 2012 in the jangle-punk group's discography, and brings their music onto the internet for the first time at such a level. ("All the actual releases compiled on the comp were made in small hand crafted [cassette or CD] runs and not remade after they sold," Ken tells me through email.)

Throughout a melodic craft within noise reminiscent of Sugar's Copper BlueSerialized Decay indulges some occasional psychedelia without much flourish. There are shifting sonic attitudes here within a set framework, imbuing the more than two dozen tracks with classic alt-rock impudence and longevity.

A specific production trick also helps the sound strike a different but still novel ambivalence, between the bedroom and the studio. From Bandcamp: " [we] experiment[ed] with bouncing maxed out cassette 4 tracks to a computer then back to said 4 track then back to computer etc... essentially to eliminate the hiss and degradation inherent in bouncing tracks on the 4 track itself."

For Ken, the project taught him the value of the impulse. "I'm also convinced that any recording is significantly better in under 3 takes and should be made within a few days of first being written." It's this spirit of low stakes, natural curiosity that shapes Serialized Decay into an enduring listen.

Download Serialized Decay at Bandcamp for PWYC download.

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