Bonnie Prince Billy

FULL SCREEN: Is Bonnie “Prince” Billy the next great Vine star?

Read our commentary on a few of our favourite videos from this week.

- Nov 13, 2014
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy, "New Black Rich (Tusks)"

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "New Black Rich (Tusks)" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Will Oldham probably doesn't spend as much time staring at six second Vine clips as I do. I know this because he's opened himself up to becoming the next great Vine meme in this video taken from thirteenth album by the folk icon and actor. I'm specifically referring to the scene where his dapper half-man half-walrus starts dancing in front of the mirror, before he goes and nabs a loving dance with a lounge singer. Dub it with some Chief Keef and you've got some serious flame. #WalkInTheClubLike

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's new album Singer’s Grave A Sea Of Tongues is out now via Drag City. Take a tour through his record collection here.

Juan Wauters, "Nena"

Juan Wauters / Nena (Official Video)

Uruguayan guitarist (and Mac DeMarco's Polaris Prize pal) reverts to his native Spanish for "Nena," and the video is an affectionate late summer stroll across railways, parks, and vintage shops. It could be an ad for Brooklyn's Tinder, maybe without the closeups of Juan clipping his date's nails.

Juan Waters's new album N.A.P. North American Poetry is out now via Captured Tracks.

Mitski, "Townie"

Brooklyn's Mitski gives us a hint to where some of that relentless energy comes from: stasis. Filmed off a television in a room lit with bubblegum hell lights, she strikes a prime TV watching pose on her bed as party decorations shower on her. Over glitch and feedback rock she sings, quavering "I'm gonna be what my body wants me to be." In this case, a vegetable.

Mitski's new album Bury Me At Makeout Creek is out now via Double Double Whammy.

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