Dirty Frigs

PREMIERE: Dirty Frigs’ foreboding new self-titled EP

The raw new EP from the swampy Toronto garage band packs a punch but also has one hell of a windup.

- Nov 12, 2014

We're now old enough that grunge has become a throwback genre for '90s kids to revive, especially in Toronto where labels like Buzz Records are keeping the muddy, distorted guitar dream alive. But where those bands pepper their grunge with No Wave influences, Dirty Frigs dress theirs in ominous suspense and gritty blues riffs. These guys reside in the QUIET side of the loudQUIETloud spectrum, letting Duncan Hay Jennings' foreboding psychedelic guitar creep along until the raw, overblown peaks land like a bucket of swamp water to the face.

Dirty Frigs recorded their self-titled EP in an old church in the Kawarthas, and according to lead singer Bri Salmena, the record is a product of nature over nurture:

"This record is a product of its environment. Cooped up in the middle of nowhere in the late winter, we recorded some songs. Things got very hazy. We still haven't found [drummer] Edan [Scime Stokell]'s marbles"

Dirty Frigs' self-titled EP is out now on Heretical Objects Cooperative. Order it at Bandcamp. Dirty Frigs play a release show this Friday, November 14 at S.H.I.B.G.B's in Toronto with Bile Sister, Praises and Sissy Boy.

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