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FULL SCREEN: José González takes flight, Metronomy look for love in the leaves

AND: The ornate siamese morphing of Black Atlass.

- Nov 6, 2014
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours.

José González, "Every Age"

José González - Every Age (Official Video)

These days we're flooded by outer space footage meant to inspire us with the overview effect, that is, when a look at the Earth from space causes us to reassess our place in the universe. "Every Age" is José González's first new song in seven years (unless you count Junip). So, even though his tendency for a sparse and stirring guitar ballad is as keen as ever, you could forgive the Swedish songwriter if his videos had fallen a bit behind the times since 2007's In Our Nature. But there's a great freshness here: the old viral trick of launching a balloon into space for a new view is made fresh by a fish eye lens. It encases the field that the balloon is launched from in a globe of its own, and we get a new view of the planet before ever leaving it.

José González's new album Vestiges & Claws is out February 17 via Mute. Pre-order it here.

Metronomy, "The Upsetter"

Metronomy - The Upsetter (Official Video)

Metronomy has killed it with videos for this album cycle. They got Michel Gondry on "Love Letters," turned into a sketchbook for "Reservoir," and turned a parking lot into a surreal work of art. Daren Rabinovitch's clip for "The Upsetter" is the most melancholy clip from Love Letters yet, but is no less magical for it. A woodland hermit gets stuck in a pit of loneliness and forced to make her own company, literally. As she battles with accepting her twig Frankenstein monster, we're treated to some gorgeous forest footage and some creative ideas for mud mask treatments.

Metronomy's new album Love Letters is out now via Because Music.

Black Atlass, "Jewels"

Montreal's Black Atlass makes blue-eyed soul with Jai Paul beats for Fools Gold, and he's raided his label's jewel cabinet in "Jewels." Yoann Lemoine's 3D scans of the singer/producer and a female companion are festooned with morphing golden liquid, face cages and marble, as their faces are fused and morphed in the 3rd and a half dimension.

Black Atlass's new EP Young Bloods is out now via Fools Gold.

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