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FULL SCREEN: Valery Gore’s valley tour, Owen Pallett’s in conflict

PLUS: Cymbals Eat Guitars go back to the bedroom.

- Nov 4, 2014
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours.

Valery Gore, "Hummingbird In Reverse"

Valery Gore - Hummingbird In Reverse

It's a valley tour for Valery Gore, and the Toronto avant-folk artist's new video makes getting search party lost in the forest seem like just what your fall needs. Filmed partially on 16mm, Sebastian Fischbeck cuts together images of his girlfriend on vacation in Norway's breathtaking countryside. The peaceful scene makes all traces of tension melt away, from the cameraman's shoulders, to the woman's shoulders, and to the waterfall's...shoulders. Although she couldn't make it to Norway herself, Valery has had a number of places to get away throughout her life, as she writes in an email to Chart Attack:

"Some of the places I have ritually gone to for solitude include the beach in my hometown on Lake Erie where I'd run or walk a ways, out to this big rock. I did a lot of writing there throughout high school and some of college. In the winters I go to my grandparents empty house while they're in Florida, and set up my gear to write and decompress. It's also where we recorded most of the vocals for the album. In the city I find solitude mostly in long walks with stops by local parks, choosing alleyways over busy streets, and spending a lot of time in book stores."

Valery Gore's new album Idols In The Dark Heart is out now on Bandcamp.

Owen Pallett, "In Conflict"

The best love letter you've ever read opens this video - it's written by famous arts patron Marie-Laure de Noailles to Ned Rorem, collected by the composer in The Paris Diary. But the rare level of personal investment in the video is mostly thanks to Owen Pallett's leading role; he's one of a handful of wordless actors attacking, loving and escaping each other as told in shards of abstract imagery, like mongrel dream-memories. Jason Last and Jamie Rubiano direct.

At Nowness, Pallett outlined his inspiration for the song, (as well as his love for Brian Eno and Kanye West):

"The song is about men; the ghost of my father whispering to me about human desire, and it’s about this moment in your life when you start to recognize that your body is a series of apparatus and you start to covet the bodies of people younger than you. I don’t identify as male, I identify as gender-queer, but I am very sympathetic whenever I see men throwing aside everything they have for the love of somebody new. It’s been the subject of so much poetry."

Owen Pallett's new album In Conflict is out now via Domino.

Cymbals Eat Guitars, "Warning"

Cymbals Eat Guitars "Warning" (Official Video)

The hazy rock of Cymbals Eat Guitars works on both college radio oldheads and the young, as evinced in "Warning." A London teenage rock group called Crosshair take the place of the Staten Island group in a bedroom jam session surrounded by indie artifacts and directed by Matthew Reed. That Spiderland vinyl won't save you, guys.

Cymbals Eat Guitars's new record LOSE is out now via Barsuk.

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