FULL SCREEN: Video director Scott Cudmore talks Timber Timbre, Teenanger

PLUS: Jazz Cartier tours Toronto and tUnE-yArDs death grips her whiteness.

- Oct 16, 2014
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours.

Teenanger, "Hot Rods At The Loser Convention"

Teenanger "Hot Rods At The Loser Convention" // Official Music Video

Bad news: the jocks have stolen punk! It was only a matter of time before their oiled chests and handsome faces replaced denim jackets and sneers, and Leblanc + Cudmore have captured this watershed moment on indelible VHS. Worst of all? The interlopers are actually nice, patient dudes, according to co-director Scott Cudmore:

"We put out a call to various places, including Craigslist, and sent all the applicants the song and asked them to learn it. When they came in we told them to perform it as if they were in an obnoxious hip-hop video. The guys that you see in the video just did such an amazing job - they understood. They were awesome guys.

We had to postpone the shoot so many times because there was no way we could shoot that video on anything other than a super sunny, hot day and it kept raining out our shoot days. I was worried we’d lose the cast with us delaying it so often but they stuck it out."

Teenanger's new album E P L P is out now via Telephone Explosion.

Timber Timbre, "Grand Canyon"

Timber Timbre - Grand Canyon [Official Video]

Not to be outdone by the song's coasting twangy symphony, Leblanc + Cudmore (yes, again) have crafted an ambitious montage of unsettling set pieces. Scott Cudmore says he and Michael Leblanc hope to probe the very things that make us human:

"When I first flew over the Grand Canyon it was a pretty overwhelming experience…makes you think about your significance and relative insignificance in the larger context of the Earth and the life of the earth, and then our greater human existence on top of that.

The video is about that, and the alienation that that existential notion creates. All types of alienation. And then we have the beauty of the world, but there is also the beauty as it’s been prescribed and perverted in a way by places like Hollywood and the camera lens. So, to me, it’s also about what we have done to the world and what we have done to each other."

Timber Timbre's new album Hot Dreams is out now via Arts & Crafts.

Jazz Cartier, "Switch / The Downtown Cliché"

Jazz Cartier - Switch / The Downtown Cliché

We've been doing our best to "catch up" with Toronto hip-hop, and here's another standout name to add to the pile. Get Home Safe crew's Jazz Cartier's latest clip is a two-for-one single featuring production from Lantz and Burd & Keyz, who've worked on tracks for The Game and Pusha T. "Switch" showcases his knack for an anthemic, bro-hugging hook, while on "The Downtown Cliché" Jazz goes Mr. Hyde, his growls thrashing your headphones around like they're in a straightjacket. The video is a slightly more subdued tour of Toronto, with Jazz and his crew stalking Kensington Market, Chinatown, and some condos.

Download "Switch" on Soundcloud.

tUnE-yArDs, "Real Thing"

I'm not gonna lie, seeing tUnE-yArDs live at NXNE this year made me feel hella weird. I had to check the merch stand before I left to make sure she wasn't selling grass skirts. But credit where it's due: on "Real Thing" she attempts to honestly reject the predatory search for authenticity which could be tied to her percussive, globe spanning pop, by identifying herself as a reluctant American. "I come from the land of shame / Blood and guts are all I claim" and "I come from the land of slaves / Let's go Redskins, let's go Braves" are two examples of her receiving and rejecting this heritage. It doesn't deflect all criticisms of her act, but it's a start.

The video takes a more lighthearted tack. Garbus moves from channeling children's TV to Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory and gets designed by a bunch of mannequin automatons in a Saturday morning cartoon industrial setting.

tUnE-yArDs's new album Nikki Nack is out now via 4AD.


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