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8 Albums You Can Stream Right Now: Christopher Owens, Lydia Ainsworth and more…

PLUS: the welcome return of your teenage emo-pop phase, college C86 phase, and future Toronto soul phase.

- Sep 24, 2014

Lydia AinsworthRight From Real

Who? Montréal's fastest-rising singer/songwriter/snake-haver drops her debut record of powerful, sweeping mythology.

What should I do while I listen? Search for goblins in your nearest abandoned lot.

When's it out? September 30 via Arbutus.

Christopher Owens, A New Testament

Christopher Owens - Nothing More Than Everything To Me (Official Video)

Who? Ex-Girls frontman on his second album. This one moves towards heartland rock from debut solo album Lysandre's lovesick conceptual flourishes.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Read one whole story from The Bible. It's probably public domain.

When's it out? September 30 via Turnstile.

Gerard Way, Hesitant Alien

Who? This guy has fronted My Chemical Romance. He's marched at the front of The Black Parade. It's like astronauts: what's there left to do once you've been to space? That's right: release a catchy solo album.

What should I do while I listen? Plot your own plausible reinvention. Salt and vinegar chips instead of ketchup? Go crazy.

When's it out? September 30 via Reprise.

Daniel CaesarPraise Break EP

Who? Following January's Birds Of Paradise and a cosign for his latest video from Boi-1da, Daniel Caesar drops his latest project Praise Break, more ambitious and experimental soul.

What should I do while I listen? Check out what else Toronto's underhyped genres have to offer.

When's it out? Now via Soundcloud.

Moss Lime, July First EP

Who? Freelove Fenner hipped us to this three-piece pop group with a glowing tweet.

What should I do while I listen? Make a shortlist of potential bandmates (housepets count).

When's it out? Now via Bandcamp, with cassettes to come on October 29.

The History Of Apple Pie, Feel Something

The History Of Apple Pie - Tame (Official Video)

Who? The surprisingly not American band play also not American Britpop.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Read the actual history of apple pie. The first dough was made with human skin during the Inquisition, according to a note I just added. 

When's it out? September 29 via Marshall Teller Records.

The Vaselines, V For Vaselines

The Vaselines High Tide Low Tide

Who? A rock band so legendary no infringement suit can touch them is back with their second album in 25 years.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Remember when Kurt covered them?

When's it out? October 7 via I Am Rosary.

Function / Vatican Shadow, Games Have Rules

Function & Vatican Shadow - Things Unknown [Hospital Productions]

Who? Vatican Shadow's gothic experimentations and Function's techno purism split the difference on a collaborative record.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Finish your almost-sentient clone robot.

When's it out? Now via Hospital.

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