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8 Albums You Can Stream Right Now: Karen O, Lowell, Teenanger and more…

Freak jazz, exceptional punk, and loads more full lengths to "fully lengthen" your music library.

- Sep 9, 2014

Karen O, Crush Songs

Karen O - Day Go By (Official Audio)

Who? Leader of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The Siouxsie of the oughts. A rare albino bottlenose dolphin. Karen O is most of these things. Crush Songs is her first solo album, a 25 minute lo-fi confessional.

Where can I hear it? NPR

What should I do while I listen? Read your old high school diary and cringe yourself into a tiny ball.

When's it out? Today via Cult

Teenanger, E P L P

Who? The Toronto polypunks are now on their fourth album of sinewy licks and perpetual snarls.

What should I do while I listen? Someone deserves a new Dayglo Abortions jacket paaaaaatch!

When's it out? Today via Telephone Explosion

Lowell, We Loved Her Dearly

Lowell - Cloud 69 [Official Video]

Who? A Canadian pop artist just as indebted to Emily Haines as M83, Portishead and Sincerely Yours.

Where can I hear it? NPR

What should I do while I listen? Think up new and clever twists on the phrase "next big thing."

When's it out? September 16 via Arts & Crafts

Battle TrancePalace Of Wind

Who? Stunning free-form jazz from a tenor saxophone quartet. RIYL Colin Stetson, Sun Ra, dark nights of the soul.

What should I do while I listen? Kick yourself (me) for missing their show in Toronto this weekend.

When's it out? Now via Bandcamp

MirageBlood For The Return

Who? 19 year old Robin Nydal glides to the front of our psychedelic pop radar on the back of this nutty beast of an album.

What should I do while I listen? Read this dude's crazy backstory. Involves Linda Perry and opening for Roger Daltrey.

When's it out? Now via Olde English Spelling Bee/Weird World

Code Orange, I Am King

Who? Grim and guttural hardcore from Pittsburgh, splashed with moments of dreaminess.

What should I do while I listen? Wonder if you're still as excited for the Godflesh reunion, then feel guilty.

When's it out? Now via Deathwish Inc.

This Will Destroy YouAnother Language

Who? Texas post-rock group goes muddier on their third album. Fitting for a post-Kveikur landscape.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Score a winning touchdown or roadtrip through your homeland.

When's it out? September 16 via Suicide Squeeze

Call Super, Suzi Ecto 

Call Super - Sulu Sekou (7" Version) [Houndstooth]

Who? The first album of heady and enchanted electro sonics from the Berlin-based producer.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? It's never too early to start planning your weekend.

When's it out? September 15 via Houndstooth

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