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Full Screen: New videos from Ty Segall, 100s, Mozart’s Sister and more

We've captured a bunch of music videos and we're bringing them to the farmer's market! Which is your computer!

- Sep 8, 2014

Ty Segall, "Manipulator"

Ty Segall "Manipulator" (Official Video) [Interactive Music Video -- Director's Playthrough!!!]

This is a special one. Director Matt Yoka has given Ty Segall the Pharrell's "Happy" of 2014 of rock videos. "Manipulator" is an awesome interactive video with its own website, and also awesome new album, also called Manipulator. Click around the room as Ty meditates and shreds to turn his surroundings into an infinite number of White Lung album covers. It's not as easy as it looks, which makes the perfectly click-sequenced "director's playthrough" streaming above all the more impressive.

Ty Segall's new album Manipulator is out now via Drag City. We gave it ketchup, mustard, AND relish in our glowing hot dog video review.

Mozart's Sister, "Good Thing, Bad Thing"

Mozart's Sister, "Good Thing, Bad Thing" (Official Video)

Caila Thompson-Hannant dances to her baroque beat pop, doubles herself, and is a generally selfish roommate in a very nice apartment. (Toronto price: $1500/month. Montreal price: Whatever you have on you at that time, plus a Metro token). A lovely reminder that having fun is a state of mind, and why PadMapper is your only hope.

Mozart's Sister's new album Being is out now via Paper Bag. Watch them play their big hit "Mozart's Sister" in a martial arts studio. It's a slam dunk!

Parquet Courts, "Bodies Made Of"

Parquet Courts "Bodies Made Of" Live At Sugarhill Supper Club

Tour vids! All day! All night! Rock and roll! No sleep! Can't sleep! Haven't slept! Am I dreaming! Am I dead and dreaming! Beers! VHS filter! Fish eye lens! Mosh pits! Sugarhill Supper Club! Brooklyn! Basement shows! No fire escapes! Bar the doors! It ends tonight.

Parquet Courts's new album Sunbathing Animal is out now via What's Your Rupture?/Mom + Pop. We interviewed them for UNCHARTED.

100s, "10 Freaky Hoes"

100s "10 FREAKY HOES"

A message at the end indicates that this could be the end of the activator-dripping funk sex rap from the mackingbird known as 100s. Booo. He leaves us withIce Cold Perm, the summer-stealing IVRY, and now this surprisingly SFW cult-take on this track from his latest project.

100s' new album IVRY is out now and free.

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