Sisi Bakbak

Thom Yorke remixed SBTRKT two years ago and everyone only kind of knew

Now we know for sure. Probably.

- Sep 3, 2014

When SBTRKT unveiled a familiar-sounding remix of "Hold On" by someone named Sisi Bakbak in 2012, the internet music hive-mind figured out pretty quickly who it probably was. But, as Ryan McNutt's "mystery pop" piece shows, we rarely let evidence get in the way of a good enigma. So, two years and some self-deluded speculation later, what we always suspected is true: Sisi Bakbak is Thom Yorke. Or, at least, he's selling the remix record at his online store.

Lucky for you, the internet is also pretty forgetful, so it's likely you haven't heard it in awhile. So have a listen to that fantastic remix again and see if you can pick out which of those skittery bleeps belong on an Atoms For Peace record.

And if you want even more semi-official new Thom Yorke music, Radiohead's PolyFauna app, originally created as a companion to The King Of Limbs, has been updated with new, unheard music. Yorke, meanwhile, has been tweeting out new artwork, leading many to suspect the next Radiohead album could be on its way soon.


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