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Are Death From Above 1979 playing secret shows in Toronto next week?

Plus, Max Weinberg's handshake and other gems from the Toronto band's reddit AMA.

- Aug 27, 2014

Death From Above 1979 have been reunited for a few years now and are gearing up for their first album in a decade, but as they make the transition from reunion-coasting festival-headliners to active 2014 music project, their live shows have still been mostly of the big marquee/bigger price tag variety. Considering the Toronto drums/bass rock duo's self-professed goal to play music made for dirty rock bars, their aesthetic is still at odds with their position in the indie rock caste system.

Yesterday in a reddit AMASebastien Grainger nonchalantly revealed "We're playing some small shows next week in Toronto" prior to Riot Fest.

Maybe that shouldn't come as a surprise, but considering the band's riot-inducing record of trying to take their show to smaller stages, it's news enough for a news post. You can catch them at Downsview Park alongside The Cure and The Flaming Lips on Saturday, September 6 OR you could try to figure out which divey rock club they'll appear at. My (maybe pipe dreamy) guess is the Comfort Zone, where the band played 10 years ago in defiance to NXNE (forcing an unlikely alliance with the festival and rebel booker Dan Burke).

Death From Above 1979 - Government Trash [Official Audio]

Other gems from the AMA:

Jesse Keeler on the new MSTKRFT album:

"new mstrkrft has been made so far without using a computer, apart from running it like a tape machine. hope that means something to you. if not, maybe itll make sense when you hear it."

On the rumours Keeler would be joining Queens Of The Stone Age:

"i tried being in QOTSA but i didnt think i would ever fit. im a songwriter i guess, and josh is such a song writing monster, there wasnt really room for me."

On their all-time highlight Conan performance, featuring a surprise cameo by former bandleader/Bruce Springsteen drummer Max Weinberg:

"yes it was planned... it didnt go according to plan though. we had been on tour with this band called the panthers, and their drummer would jump in for the end of the song like max did. we talked to max about it that day and it seemed like it would go well. the jacket thing was great in hindsight, but when he looked at me while we were playing, i thought he would want to take it again or something."

max has the softest, fattest hand ive ever touched. id do it again just for the handshake.

Death From Above 1979's new album The Physical World is out September 9 via Last Gang.

So where do you think they'll play in Toronto next week? Speculate wildly at the Facebook post below:

Update: Death From Above 1979 will be releasing their new album at a pop-up shop in Toronto on September 3 and September 4 at 952 Queen St. West, featuring free tattoos and limited edition merch. They don't say they're going to play, but the press release says "we can't tell you everything..." and it certainly fits what they revealed on reddit. Check out the poster below.

DFA1979 pop up shop toronto


Update #2Stream The Physical World now via iTunes.

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