PREMIERE: Toronto troubadour Elrichman croons in a cemetery for “Your Ancient Evenings” music video

Join the jauntily sunglassed songwriter for a cigar in a graveyard.

- Aug 25, 2014

Paul Erlichman steps out of prog-pop band Gay and into his pseudo-solo project Elrichman (that deliberate misspelling is a copy editor's nightmare) for his debut full-length LP Young, Healthy & Wonderful. As that title attests, it's a gleefully witty, charmingly earnest piece of jangly troubadour pop, in the mould of Jonathan Richman and Lou Reed.

We've got the debut of "Your Ancient Evenings" below, which marries the songwriter's quizzical wordplay to a sunglassed jaunt through an opulent Toronto cemetery, cigar in mouth. Have a watch below, then read Erlichman's fanciful exposition.

Elrichman - Your Ancient Evenings

"Your Ancient Evenings" is not in any real way connected to the Norman Mailer book with the similar name, except that he did me the solid of coming up with a song title. The song grew out of the title, as do a lot of my songs. It's just kind of a straightforward flight of fancy. Elrichman is kind of a vehicle for my flights of fancy. "Your Ancient Evenings" is a pretty soft flight of fancy.

The video was mostly shot in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, was made by Cameron Murray (also of Gay) who also produced the track. It's very pretty there. The crypt I am seen running out of is that of Hart Massey, noted 19th century businessman. Even from the outside you can hear the echoes of your voice inside the crypt. I don't want to be buried in a crypt when I die.

Elrichman's Young, Healthy & Wonderful is out September 2 on Pleasence Records. Pre-order it here.
Catch Elrichman with fellow pop artisans Sheer Agony, Blonde Elvis and Milk Lines in Toronto for an early evening BBQ this Saturday, August 30.

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