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Here’s a preview of our 100% real interview with Aphex Twin, which happened

We spoke with Richard D. James about his return to music. It's the truth.

- Aug 25, 2014

For over a decade interviews with Aphex Twin were a rarity. But now that Richard D. James is releasing his new album SYRO, the electronic legend has spoken to a few lucky publications who've been teasing their conversations all day. Including us.

Warp Records were more than happy to accommodate. "Jordan," they said when we phoned their personal line, "We were just about to call you guys. Richard really wants to talk with Chart Attack. He loves the links you share and posts you make."

What followed was a sprawling eight hour discussion between myself and one of the most important and elusive artists of our times. Behind the iconic ghoulishness of his face lies a human being with fears, passions and most of all, hope.

Since we spoke for so long, it could be awhile before our meeting is fully transcribed. And even then, I'd be hesitant to release it. Would condensing and sharing such a milestone hamstring the magic? I'll think on it. Until then, enjoy some tempting morsels from our 24-course chat banquet:

  • He became a Jehovah's Witness for two years in the mid oughts, but left the church due to "a bigoted and medieval view of samplers."
  • He has no idea what his middle initial "D" stands for, and says "Any speculation is irresponsible and without merit."
  • On the wildly successful Caustic Window Kickstarter: "Yeah, that was nice. Did you see the one where the guy bathed in diarrhea for $1000? I still think about that."
  • Downtime from music is spent on one thing: "Trying to get a beam of pure energy to shoot out of my hand, which I have achieved twice before."
  • He is writing a screenplay based on his 2008 experiences in a Boston fraternity as an undeclared freshman.
  • Parenting comes naturally to him: "Having a child is like mucking about on a synth, except with more wires, and on a kid they're called arteries."
  • He can, on command, give a perfect impression of a dial-up modem.
  • On having telephone conversations: "You're mumbling too much. This is terrible. Goodbye."
Aphex Twin's new album SYRO is out September 19 via Warp; pre-order it here.
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