Shabazz Palaces #CAKE music video

Shabazz Palaces’ “#CAKE” music video is spectacular Afrofuturism

Hip-hop that bleeds interdimensional funk now has riveting sci-fi visuals.

- Aug 22, 2014

My affection for sci-fi hip-hop music videos is documented, so 100% I'm going to flip over a Shabazz Palaces video that's a) post-apocalyptic, 2) nods to tha gawd Grace Jones, c) is for cerebral, foot-shuffling track "#CAKE," and iv) creates its own mythology in the wasteland with fantastical visuals. There's no story for the marathon man or the giant faces, bodies and snake he encounters during his tour of abandoned buildings, but the energy crackling off the composition of the images is enough to mesmerize. It's actually making me mad that most full-length sci-fi films can't touch what Hiro Murai's doing here. How am I supposed to care about a District 9 sequel now?

Shabazz Palaces' new album Lese Majesty is out now via Sub Pop.
Shabazz Palaces - #CAKE [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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