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Aphex Twin announces new album SYRO via Secret Internet

Electronic music's impish genius is returning for his first album since 2001.

- Aug 18, 2014

This weekend, Aphex Twin's logo could be seen on a blimp in the London skies and graffitied on buildings in New York. These Banksy-lite rumblings were quickly forgiven by fans of the legendary producer, as they hinted at the possibility of a return with new music after a hiatus that's lasted since 2001's Drukqs (Caustic Window, a lost record made in 1994 and Kickstarted this year, doesn't really count).

Well, it's true: at 11AM Monday morning the Aphex Twin Twitter pulled a Death Grips and announced the new album SYRO via deep web browsing service Tor. So any Aphex fans who buy hard drugs or assassinations online (i.e. his core base) got the news first, along with an image (above) and a tracklist (below). Normal browsers can view the site here, without the image or tracklist.

Aphex Twin Syro

Watch Chris Cunningham's short film Rubber Johnny, with music from Aphex Twin, below:

Rubber Johnny by Chris Cunningham & Aphex Twin (1080p HD)

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