Celestial Shore Creation Myth Music Video

Celestial Shore’s animated “Creation Myth” music video enters a TV funhouse

The 9-to-5 grind gets a superb and surreal animation

- Aug 14, 2014

A faster, skronkier Celestial Shore is all over "Creation Myth," the Brooklyn avant-indie band's new single and video. To the tune of fretboard-immolating riffs and downy vocals chanting "we evolve," Angela Stempel delivers a beautiful animation of a rubbery dude going from slacker-to-yuppie while evading suits and raining televisions. This is what walk cycles should look like, people.

Celestial Shore's new album Enter Ghost is out October 14 via Hometapes. Read their UNCHARTED profile here; they love jazz and hate their short attention spans.
Celestial Shore "Creation Myth" (Official Video)

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