18+ crow music video

18+’s “Crow” music video is a creepy tour diary

The dead-eyed R&B duo's new clip attracts fake flies, like a real corpse!

- Aug 13, 2014

Is this a demo of Cassie's "Me and U" beat mixed by Ernest Hemingway and given to The xx to rap on? No, it's the new single and video "Crow" from 18+, the multimedia duo trapped in an Oculus Rift rendering of their favourite R&B. Pulling from hip-hop music video tradition as well as World Star vids where the phone isn't turned sideways, the black and white clip positions a video diary in disconcerting black and white with a bit of found footage and some flies. Listen to last year's acclaimed MIXTAP3 here.

18+'s "Crow" single is out now.

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