New Albums You Can Stream Now including Cymbals Eat Guitars

9 Albums You Can Stream Right Now: Cymbals Eat Guitars, Have A Nice Life, The Bicycles and more…

Enough new records to keep you happy at least until dinner.

- Aug 11, 2014


Who? Between the chipper futureperfect sheen of Doss and Salem's doomy trap lies this mystery Bandcamp producer.

What should I do while I listen? Spend way too long on Tumblr.

When's it out? Now on Bandcamp

Cymbals Eat Guitars, LOSE

Who? Staten Island rock band about to release their third album, and then the hostages, they promise.

Where can I hear it? NPR

What should I do while I listen? Check out another great LOSE: the comic from Michael DeForge.

When's it out? August 26 via Barsuk.

The BicyclesYoung Drones

Who? Toronto's only indie pop band reveals their second post-hiatus LP. This time it's a rock opera about sentient drones specially written for Toronto's Summerworks Festival.

What should I do while I listen? Buy tickets to the performance, running August 14-17.

When's it out? It will be available exclusively at the shows on cassette via Fuzzy Logic Recordings.

Have A Nice Life, Anno Domim: Collected Demos 2006-2014

Who? A fan collected record of demos, unreleased tracks, and even a side project from the band behind one of the best shoegaze albums of the year.

Where can I hear it? Megaupload! Remember Megaupload?

What should I do while I listen? Form your own cult.

When's it out? Now.

Prawn, Kingfisher

Who? Hard-felt emo from new Jersey.

What should I do while I listen? Pick your kids up from school then get another tattoo.

When's it out? Tomorrow via Top Shelf Records.

UntoldEcho In The Valley

Who? The follow-up to Black Light Spiral, a bruising industrial techno LP, is an hour-long mix of equally atmospheric but much more simmering haunted ambience.

What should I do while I listen? Explore your nearest abandoned murder squat.

When's it out? Now on Soundcloud.

Pallbearer, Foundations of Burden

Who? Arkansas doom metal band who play doom metal, and are from Arkansas.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Just stare at the amazing album art.

When's it out? August 19 via Profound Lore.

Mischa PavlovskiKapitel

Who? An album of John Carpenter horror synths and fragmented dubstep/acid house drums from the Posh Isolation producer.

What should I do while I listen? Find the real killer. He's out there!

When's it out? Now via Posh Isolation

Jason FeathersDe Oro

Who? A secretive rap group that may involve Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and Astronautalis, a Minneapolis rapper.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Read the origin story.

When's it out? August 19 via Totally Gross National Product

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