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Actress’s surprise 7″ gets a new, less-secret music video “Xoul Particles”

Darren Cunningham's not done with making cerebral electronic music yet.

- Aug 8, 2014

Everyone was wondering if Ghettoville was going to be Darren Cunningham's last Actress album, or even his final piece of music. Fortunately, the "R.I.P. Actress" sign-off he'd drop into press releases referred to the end of despondent techno tarpit phase Ghettoville represented. And so successfully: of all the "oppressive" music I heard this year, it's the only album I've had to listen to in shifts. Xoul is the new Actress EP, dropped unannounced on limited 7" vinyl and quickly sold out. On the track "Xoul Particles" Cunningham has moved to the chirpy and crystalline sounds of drukqs but at a far more sedentary pace. But Nic Hamilton's video is constantly on the move, with loads of gorgeous and fragmented 3D animated tracking shots, giving the impression of staring out the window of a train surfing over radio waves.

Actress's new EP Xoul is (sold) out now.
actress - xoul particles

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