Hush Pup Swimming Music Video

Take a VHS bikini tour with synth stars Hush Pup in “Swimming” music video

Moved to Victoria from Toronto, the group haven't forgotten their roots: the '90s.

- Aug 7, 2014

Where's the Spuds MacKenzie for our post-vapourwave lifestyles? Right here! It's Teagle the Space Lobster and it knows which VHS dimension all the babes are in. Victoria-via-Toronto dream-synth band Hush Pup hands over the reins of their "Swimming" video to the floating crustacean (and Toronto video mag Double D's) and we're taken on a ride through the sexier beachside channels and palatial mid-'90s CGi renderings. All it needs to really hook the youth: a savvy catchphrase communicable through clicking lobster claws.

Hush Pup's new album Waterwings is out this September.


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