The Many Moods Of Healing Power Records

Healing Power Records has Many Moods on new collection featuring Jennifer Castle and Man Made Hill

The newest compilation is compressed onto two "slices," sort of like a cassette tape. Remember Crystal Pepsi?

- Aug 7, 2014

Healing Power Records's last compilation F R U I T S featured the decadent sectioning of each song into individual tracks. Not so for the follow-up tape, The Many Moods of Healing Power Records, which stuffs the tracks onto two sides, or "slices." You'll have to scrub around and take notes if you want to isolate all the brand new songs from an eclectic mix of great Canadian artists like Jennifer Castle, Bile Sister, Petra Glynt, and Man Made Hill. Check out the track list below the stream.

The Many Moods of Healing Power Records is available now for PWYC download.

1 Bile Sister • Thick Stack
2 New Chance • Desperation
3 Guy Dallas • Kalash Killers (Anthem 47)
4 Margarita Night • Caveman Hat
5 Toblerone Boys • Nugget Vacancy
6 Wildlife Rodeo • Caroline, No
7 Fleshtone Aura • Ano Aceitado
8 The Cluttertones • Bison
9 Brodie West • Summer Smash Alto
10 Jennifer Castle • Piece of Glass (live at Mattyfest)
11 Skull Bong • Stab Mental

1 IC/JC/VC • Three Voices
2 Petra Glynt • Propaganda
3 Hover Puffin • Podli
4 Man Made Hill • Riding into the Past
5 Gravitons • Instance
6 Mas Aya • Master
7 Manticore • Hekate
8 Bile Sister • Zed Zed Top

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