black zone myth chant

Black Zone Myth Chant’s occultish beat tape Straight Cassette gets a reissue

The 2011 demented hip-hop tape gets a full vinyl reissue.

- Aug 1, 2014

If you're the kind of Hype Williams fan who lovingly follows each new iteration but holds a special love for tracks like "Rescue Dawn," Black Zone Myth Chant should appeal. It's a side project from High Wolf, a French avant-garde electronic artist who back in 2011 immersed himself in its hypnagogic beats and moonshine-drunk vocals mumbling demonic oaths. Laitdbac Records are now reissuing it on vinyl, with the whole release streaming below.

Black Zone Myth Chant's Straight Cassette is out now digitally and on vinyl September 25 via Laitdbac Records.

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