Mac DeMarco Chamber Of Reflection music video

Mac DeMarco’s “Chamber Of Reflection” music video stars the Sexy Homer you crave

Erotic Homer Simpson is not just a Halloween costume, it's a way of life.

- Jul 30, 2014

It's a weird time to be a fan of The Simpsons. Cringe-heavy Family Guy crossover episodes, harrowing existential Twitter screenplays, and now this Mac DeMarco video for "Chamber Of Reflection." Homer gets gender-bent and vamped across the city streets to the tune of the slowed-down Salad Days track, dreaming of dudes and befriending fire hydrants. This is going to make a couple of subreddits very happy.

Mac DeMarco's new album Salad Days is out now via Captured Tracks. It was a Chart Attack STAFF PICK.
Mac DeMarco - Chamber Of Reflection (Official Video)

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