Bill Callahan Javelin Unlanding Music Video

Bill Callahan becomes the moon in “Javelin Unlanding” music video

He controls both the tides and the domain of elusive indie rock.

- Jul 30, 2014

Fans of The Mighty Boosh's Moon character and also Bill Callahan will love Bill Callahan's new video "Javelin Unlanding," taken from the new album Dream River from the Billest of Callahans ever, Mr. Bill Callahan. Using the same technology pioneered by freaky Quebecois children's shows, directors Hanly Banks and Chris Rusch insert Bill into our favorite celestial body so he can sing at our clay/plasticine earth and maybe find his dream date from a different pile of rocks.

Bill Callahan's new album Dream River is out now via Drag City.
Bill Callahan "Javelin Unlanding" (Official Video)

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