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VIDEO PREMIERE: Bram Gielen gives Weaves’ “Hulahoop” a sparkling, propulsive remix

A laconically charismatic Jasmyn Burke stars in the video for this strangely sweeping remix of the lurching Weaves standout.

- Jul 29, 2014

With just a six song EP to their name, Weaves have already become one of the most exciting bands in Toronto. While we're waiting for more material, the band has just doubled their recorded output by handing their songs to six hand-picked remixers for the aptly titled Remixed EP, which is out today. Below, we've got the premiere of the video for Bram Gielen's reworking of their lurching "Hulahoop" (which they played at our NXNE showcase at Sonic Boom).

Jasmyn Burke is the kind of utterly distinctive presence that remixers dream of; Gielen (the Toronto producer sometimes known for playing organ with Weaves) lifts her vocals from the Pixies-ish scrape of Morgan Waters' guitar (until his late-song solo) and sets it to a more propulsive rhythm, creating a whole new, strange interplay.

The video, fittingly, stars Burke alone, letting her odd charisma and quirk take centre stage as she drinks from straw glasses, waves torches and sparklers and performs some lounging, laconic dance moves.

Weaves' Remixed EP is out today on Buzz Records. Buy it at Bandcamp. And stream it below.

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