beck the heart is a drum music video

Beck comes to terms with “Loser,” a skeleton man in “Heart Is A Drum” music video

Now that he's using the acoustic guitar to be sad instead of cheeky, Beck must reckon with death.

- Jul 29, 2014

If Ingmar Bergman had written The Seventh Seal about Beck's contentious relationship with "Loser," it might look like the "Heart Is A Drum" video, directed by Sophie Muller. The black & white clip acts as a sort of sequel to the Gen X anthem, with characters from the video showing up to stalk middle-aged Beck and bring him face-to-face with his mortality, a.k.a. a child. Death, Dancing White Suit Beck, all your favourite "Loser" characters are here. Except for Beck in an Indian Headdress Beck, which is probably for the best.

Beck's new album Morning Phase is out now via Capitol.
Beck - Heart Is A Drum

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