iceage the lord's favourite

Iceage are country now in the new song/video “The Lord’s Favorite”

The punk band are making a play for Taylor Swift's fanbase. Maybe.

- Jul 24, 2014

"The Lord's Favourite" is a brand new song from Iceage, and features none of the punishing apocalypse punk featured on their second and best album You're Nothing. Instead, they draw from the same well as rock revivalists like The Men and Pure X: a certain twang and screech played for devil for their soul even though they know they'll lose. Cali Thornhill DeWitt's video smooths the band's sonic transition with a group of familiar yet skewed set pieces: a hoedown, champagne showers, a lonely guitarist, a prisoner in an empty room and more. Into it.

Iceage's new album You're Nothing is out now via Matador.
Iceage - The Lord's Favorite

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