Apple ripped off Run The Jewels’ logo, says EL-P

The rapper/producer pointed out a couple of startling similarities between stickers in a commercial and some hip-hop imagery.

- Jul 22, 2014

Today on Twitter, EL-P accused Apple of lifting the logo for Run The Jewels, his rap supergroup with Killer Mike, for a new ad.

(Update: Looks like Apple took down the ad. So, an admission?)

His tweets are quoted below, though they've since been deleted. Here is the original Run The Jewels album cover for comparison.

(The original Dilla cover looks far more appetizing.)

If you watch the ad in full, the copyrighted creations used as stickers are too many to list: they include characters from The Simpsons and Disney, cartoons of Breaking Bad and Questlove, and even unaltered logos for a number of record labels and brands, like Beats, Fools Gold, Warp, Supreme, Tokidoki and many more. It's highly unlikely that these were used unlawfully (and given the profile of some of the companies, unethically). But given the similarities between the Dilla/Run The Jewels images and the ones in the commercial, it seems even less plausible that the company is not taking heavy inspiration from hip-hop sleeves, and who knows where else.

When reached for comment, a local conflationist issued a statement: "Oh but don't rappers sample all the time? Taste of their own medicine LOL!"

Run the Jewels - 36" Chain

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