Conor Oberst You Are Your MOther's Son Music Video

Conor Oberst makes a triumphant return to the news cycle with “You Are Your Mother’s Child” video

After a quiet 2013, Oberst bursts back.

- Jul 21, 2014

Where has Conor Oberst been these past eight or so months? There haven't been any stories or updates on the Bright Eyes mastermind's artistic or personal life in a bit. ConorNews.net and OberstFans.de have all been all but abandoned! Today, though, he's got a new video called "You Are Your Mother's Child." It reflects the quiet and uneventful year he's had, with a papier-mâché dad and a glitchy transmission of Oberst both looking especially forlorn next to images of cute giggling kids. But this actually is his second video for the upcoming record Upside Down Mountain, after "Zigzagging Towards The Light." So who knows what else I've missed.

Conor Oberst's new album Upside Down Mountain is out now via Nonesuch.
Conor Oberst - You Are Your Mother's Child

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