Basement Jaxx Never Say Never Music Video

Basement Jaxx develop the perfect killing machine/twerking robot in “Never Say Never”

In a future of no dancing, two sexless scientists must engage in a montage of shaking plastic asses.

- Jul 21, 2014

Can the white girl twerk? What about the white robot? It's probably true to history that the first twerking robot developed in a no-dancing dystopian future would have a pasty ass, but seeing it get developed in Basement Jaxx's "Never Say Never" video stings all the same. Oh well. At least the special effects are insane, the plot is hilarious, and the years-long sex fasting between the two lead scientists leads to a climax suggested by the sight of a shaking butt. And if that ass looks fake to you, I have a couple of clubs I can take you to! ~SWISH~. Saman Kesh directs.

Basement Jaxx's new album Junto is out August 25 via Atlantic Jaxx/PIAS; pre-order it here.
Basement Jaxx - Never Say Never ft. ETML

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