lusine arterial music video

Lusine’s stop-motion “Arterial” rips into the guts of your technology

Over 7,000 pictures were used to create the animated electro horrorshow.

- Jul 18, 2014

I have a laptop with a dead hard drive right now, so Lusine's "Arterial" music video is particularly affecting, both because I anthropomorphize my possessions, and I've always wondered what Max saw when he pressed his face into TV Nicky. Blood (both real from oxes and fake from THE MAGIC OF MOVIES) flows over macro shots of your computer's dissolving guts. That might make you queasy, but the bass-rich regality of the track certainly won't. The video's director Christophe Thockler expands on the clip's production over at Stereogum. Read that then prepare to get a little more unsettled whenever you open your CD drive.

Lusine's new album Arterial is out August 5 via Ghostly; pre-order it here.
Lusine - Arterial

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