The New Pornographers War On The East Coast music video

The New Pornographers wage “War On The East Coast” in new Britpop homage video

Two members of the Vancouver supergroup strut through an exploding industrial district.

- Jul 16, 2014

Thom Glunt says he wanted his "War On The East Coast" video for The New Pornographers " pay homage to those brilliant 90s music videos where the artist’s personality is prominently featured in one long unbroken shot." I assume he's referring to The Verve's  "Bitter Sweet Symphony" clip, unless there was a huge surge of Steadicam shots in music videos? A.C. Newman and Destroyer's Dan Bejar star in the video for their supergroup's latest power pop single, both bringing that "mid-nineties second-tier Britpop attitude" (Newman's words) to their sunglassed catwalk through a polite war zone.

The New Pornographers' new album Brill Bruisers is out August 25 via Matador; pre-order it here.
The New Pornographers - War On The East Coast

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