Lee Paradise Farisian music video

Watch Lee Paradise’s digital collage music video “Farisian”

A bunch of movies get chewed up and spit out into a new narrative.

- Jul 9, 2014

In the videos for his various musical projects (including my favourite Torn Hawk) Luke Wyatt employs a live digital cut-and-paste technique combining visual ephemera and pop culture staples into a dissolving/concentrating collage. Gloom-loop pop act Lee Paradise's "Farisian" video (dropped on his personal Facebook page), directed by Huckleberry Friend, is a sibling. Late 20th Century bombshells like Juliette Lewis and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction get mashed alongside Blade Runner footage and an assortment of other films. You'll wish you could put it on your wall.

Lee Paradise's new album Water Palace Kingdom is out now via Pleasence and Not Unlike. We premiered the stream.


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