Lil Durk

Lil Durk releases hard-edged new mixtape Signed To The Streets 2

The stakes are higher than ever for one of drill's premiere MCs.

- Jul 8, 2014

Since Lil Durk dropped Signed To The Streets, his cousin OTF NuNu was killed in Chicago and affiliate RondoNumba9 was arrested for a murder of dispatch service driver. All this horror endows Signed To The Streets 2 with a grim immediacy; like a lot of kids in Chiraq, every moment for Durk is now-or-never.

Streets 2 has new tracks with Migos and French Montana, as well as "Party," the Young Thug/Young Chop radio bait too grim for primetime. But Durk's got his own path to success: There are two Drake shots made on the opening tracks alone, as if Durk is distancing his Auto-tuned vocals from any perceived softness (the lyrics on groupie love song "What You Do To Me" have blunt dismissal on the tip of every syllable).

His lyrical ability is constantly improving (check the "Bars" series for proof) but Def Jam might have to wait a bit longer for another "Dis Ain't What U Want." Here, it's in service of an autobiography that's occasionally frightening and difficult to hear.

Download Lil Durk's new mixtape Signed To The Streets 2 at Datpiff.

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