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8 Albums You Can Hear Right Now: Morrissey, Viet Cong, and more…

You'll have to get creative if you want to hear the Morrissey album (thank the seal hunt), or fulfill yourself with new Viet Cong, Wrong Hole and more.

- Jul 7, 2014

 MorrisseyWorld Peace Is None Of Your Business

Morrissey - World Peace is None of Your Business (album version)

Who? Every single romantic indie movie has been trying to capture the devastation and rapture Morrissey bottled both solo and with The Smiths. He now spends his days yelling at clouds, ranging from tour mates to Inuit tradition.

Where can I hear it? NPR. It's geoblocked in Canada, though. Which feels like a petty move, right? Anyway, solutions exist.

What should I do while I listen? Educate yourself on the seal hunt.

When's it out? July 15 via Harvest/Capitol

Viet CongCassette EP

Viet Cong - Unconscious Melody

Who? The reunited alumni of Calgary post-punk institution Women with some crazy tour stories. Cassette is their previously tour-exclusive debut.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Reunite with breakfast, i.e. have a second breakfast. Read our UNCHARTED interview with the band.

When's it out? Tomorrow via Mexican Summer

Matt KivelDays Of Being Wild

Who? The L.A. musician follows up the soaring psych-folk of last year's Double Exposure with a crackling new album. Recommended for fans of Dusted and those who like to stand in the middle of prairies too far from the road.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Call your parents.

When's it out? Tomorrow via Woodsist

DJ Dodger Stadium, Friend Of Mine

Who? Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy's blended dancefloor project.

Where can I hear it? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Perfect that hypnotizing, adventurous dance you've been testing when everyone leaves the office (this is not me.)

When's it out? Tomorrow via Body High

beko summer 2014 compilation

Who? The "digital singles label" has assembled a bunch of C86/synth pop acts (including the homies Freelove Fenner) just in time for all the sad BBQs.

Where can I hear it? Bandcamp

What should I do while I listen? Find out who some of these bands are.

When's it out? Now via Beko

Ricky Eat Acid, Sun Over Hills EP

Who? Sam Ray continues to confuse people both with his alias and this latest release, a grimacing siamese techno twin attached to the body of his ambient work.

What should I do while I listen? Rekindle your addiction to internet browser games.

When's it out? Self-released tomorrow.

Wrong Hole, 2012

Who? Superstars of Toronto punk (Brutal Knights, Teenanger) and comedy (Nick Flanagan) refresh the scene with some silly and listenable fun.

What should I do while I listen? Sing along

When's it out? Now via Pleasence

United Nations, The Next Four Years

Who? It's a mysterious hardcore yelling band with the former lead singer of Thursday, Converge, and other members who are contractually obligated to remain anonymous. So, The Weeknd, probably?

Where can I listen? Pitchfork

What should I do while I listen? Try and get those sweat stains out of your favourite band shirt.

When's it out? July 15 via Temporary Residence

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