Early unheard Nick Drake recordings to hit auction block, fetch tidy-ass sum

An autographed "pristine master tape" of lost songs from the late singer can be yours, rich people.

- Jul 3, 2014

Nick Drake, the beloved folk singer who died at just 26 and became an icon posthumously, will soon have a reel of recordings unheard by the public auctioned off. The New York Times reports that the tape belongs to Beverley Martyn, a contemporary and close friend of Drake's (that looks weird if you've just been listening to "0-100"). It contain unreleased songs recorded before he began writing his first LP Five Leaves Left.

Ted Owen & Company have announced the auction for July 31. They describe the find as "an original pristine late sixties Master Tape of unheard recordings, signed by the artist Nick Drake himself." Martyn has held on to the music since 1968, but is now auctioning it due to ill health and financial difficulties. Hopefully this should help: she has insured the reel for 250,000 pounds - about $430,000. What would Nick Drake playing the riff from "For The Love Of Money" by The O' Jays sound like? Just another question he's left us with to wonder.

Hear "Pink Moon" below:

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

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